Oblivity is a critically acclaimed sci-fi sitcom podcast. It’s written by Rob Stringer, produced by Joe Carr, and stars several regulars from Oxford’s theatre scene.

Oblivity tells the story of Commander Falconer: a disgraced war hero posted to the remote ice plains of Pluto on her toughest mission yet: to oversee a small, dysfunctional research team.

Battle-scarred and bewildered, Falconer only wants to return to the comfort of combat. Making life difficult for her are neurotic thrill-seeker, Christy; enigmatic and prodigious Burney; and impulsive wrecking-ball and resident cyborg, Lowell.

Billions of miles from civilisation, the crew face impossible threats, and unspeakable villains. And that war may be closer than Falconer thinks…

The Oblivity team have performed twice at the Old Fire Station. Following a successful crowdfunding campaign – thanks to the generosity of fans – a second season is in production for 2020.

Oblivity is available on all good podcast apps. Ace!