Quilla Constance a.k.a. Jennifer Allen

Quilla Constance, ‘QC’, is the creation of artist Jennifer Allen.

QC over-identifies with an ‘exotic’ militant punk persona to traverse pop culture and interrogate category-driven capitalist  networks.

QC formulates a critique via an interdisciplinary practice of paintings, lectures, photographs, costumes, live performances and music videos.

QC is deployed by Allen to locate points of agency for the negotiation of black female identities within high art and majority culture.

QC’s previous exhibitions, screenings and performances have taken place at venues such as:

The Freud Museum, The Institute of Contemporary Arts, The Royal Academy of Arts, Toynbee Studios,  176 London (Zabludowicz Collection), Modern Art Oxford, Camden Arts Centre, The Kendrew Barn (St John’s College Oxford), and 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning.

Exhibition: Transcending The Signified, Aug – Sept 2017.