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The Clock Shop is the oldest business in town. Calvin is a master craftsman, inheriting the shop through four generations. But things are changing, and Calvin and the other inhabitants of the shop will have to work out where their loyalties lie. Consult the fates, throw the dice, see the crisis as a business opportunity, or sit tight and wait out the storm? The decision must be made – tonight.

How Lucky Are You? started with the the theme of ‘chance’. The team of Crisis clients and professional artists started by playing games in the rehearsal room – from these games game a cast of characters, and the narrative was structured around that.

The show was performed 12 – 14 December, 2013.

“This is our second Hidden Spire project and it has been fantastic to return following last year and shape our process further, and have another go at creating a performance together with more time and resources. We have tried all the while to keep a healthy balance between keeping it open and accessible to all Crisis members, as well as earning a commitment from the team. This is not always an easy balance to achieve, when the lives of many of the people we have been working with are unpredictable and liable to change any day at a moment’s notice. But art and creativity is an unwieldy beast itself. It is scary work, especially when creating a devised performance from scratch. At the time of writing we have had over forty members participate in drama workshops, and many more in writing, multimedia, photography, costume and set design sessions, all working together towards this production. Many of these people have engaged with new creative skills for the first time and overcome the fear of the unknown, and in so doing, have contributed vitally to our collective story about taking a chance.” – Lizzy McBain, Creative Director