Ritual is the first project of the Hidden Spire Collective, a new creative membership at the Old Fire Station.

Ritual was inspired by the need to celebrate transitions in life, particularly after Covid lockdowns, when so many people missed out on sharing experiences of celebrations and memorials which we previously took for granted.

Ritual was also a chance for our artists to explore moments in life that are not traditionally celebrated, but which we felt needed a moment to mark them, sometimes in the presence of others.

17 members of the collective took part. Most attended workshops at the Old Fire Station from April – June 23 facilitated by Rowan Padmore (writing), Donna Han (making) and Philippa James (photography). Some took part by writing in response to prompts that were sent to them at home.

Designing our own rituals and making objects to be used in them was a cathartic process.

Having a public exhibition of photographs that represent the ritual in some way – a moment or an atmosphere – was also an important part of the journey of recognition.

Equal weighting of process and public sharing is an integral element of the Hidden Spire Collective.

Lizzy McBain,

Hidden Spire Collective Creative Lead

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