Foley’s work presents intricate, bold and tongue in cheek responses to the current everyday.

At first glance Over and over and over again is a fun and visually stimulating collection of works. Upon further exploration the viewer is invited to consider a narrative of more subversive and sceptical political themes with disillusionment captured within the detail.

Foley’s approach is methodical and immediate, working quickly and repetitively to achieve results, often working on found objects like rizla packets, lined notepads and carboard  packaging. Felt tip pens and spray paint are then used to overlay patterns and new compositions.

Within this new collection Foley intends to re-appropriate discarded elements of the everyday presenting them anew and askew within the artistic frame.

Through thought provoking illustrations and a love for repetitive patterns,  Foley explores his understanding of the world around him; over and over and over again.