Through the use of stark geometry, primary colours, and raw canvas material, Primary Conditions acts as a commentary, a warning and simultaneously a comfort, reflecting on the time period in which the works were created in, 2021 – 2022.

By definition the word ‘condition’ refers to not only psychological conditioning or influence, but also an individual’s physical/mental condition, as well as living spaces and geography. Therefore, encompassing these varying elements of the term, this project aims to facilitate a reflective experience for the audience, not only with specific reference to the years the project was subsequently resolved in, but also the wider associations to the word ‘conditions’.

Primary Conditions is visual artist Tom McIntyre’s first and largest body of work to be presented to the general public as a solo show, curated by Daisy Dickens.

Exhibition opening
Friday 11 November, 6pm
Join us for the opening of the exhibition.
Free – just come along.